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Legal Advice

Our legal consulting business covers the entire process of business development, including but not limited to equity: company equity structure design, company charter customization, equity incentive agreements, equity transfer agreements, partnership agreements; labor relations: labor contracts, prohibition of competition Agreements, termination of labor relations agreements, employee training service period agreements; creditor's rights: loan contracts, real estate mortgage loans; daily operations: lease contracts, transportation contracts, entrusted processing contracts, franchise contracts, construction and installation engineering contracting contracts, network equity licensing contracts , Anchor brokerage agency contract, etc.

Our professional team of lawyers will provide escort for the development of the company

Those small, medium and micro enterprises have stepped on the legal pit

1. Frequent labor disputes

If the labor relationship of the enterprise is unclear, the arbitration will lose money

2. Poor risk control in foreign cooperation

The contract formulation is not rigorous, and the contract downloaded from the Internet makes the enterprise suffer a lot

3. The right to share dividends is unclear

How should equity be divided? How to balance the interests of major shareholders and minority shareholders?

4. How to break receivables into arrears?

Under the epidemic situation, cash flow is tight, how to quickly recover the collection and ensure that the cooperative relationship does not break down.

5. Offline legal affairs are too expensive, what should I do?

Professional law firms are too expensive, and long-term legal counsel is unprofessional, what should I do?

We are not expensive, but we are professional

Traditional legal affairs


New Law Mingdao·Cloud Law

Missing business and high risk

Easily own professional legal affairs

Low efficiency, slow response

5 minutes docking, 2 days one contract

Few resources, unprofessional connection

Select tens of thousands of elite lawyers

The cost is high, the price is inflated and opaque

Transparent price, high cost performance

Because professional, so choose

Legal online consultation

5 minutes exposure to manual legal affairs

Corporate contract review

Review the contract 2 working days/copy

Enterprise contract customization

Customized contract 3 working days/copy

Lawyer letter

Drafting 2 working days/copy

Writing documents (litigation class)

2-3 working days/copy

Case entrusted consultation

Communicate with lawyers within 1 hour

Video docking service

Appointment at any time via Mini Program

Contract library download

Check and use at any time

Legal lecture

Online legal seminars

Equity category:

Company establishment capital contribution, company articles of association, capital increase, equity transfer, partnership agreement, equity incentive agreement, company/cooperation contract, company equity subscription agreement, company transfer agreement, company personnel share agreement

Labor Relations:

Labor contract, confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement, employee handbook, termination of labor relationship agreement, employee training service period agreement, notice of job transfer and salary reduction, resignation certificate

Bond category:

Loan contract, real estate mortgage loan, inter-company loan contract

Daily Operations: