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International Education

Xinming Ruida International Education is committed to providing high-end elite study abroad services. We have established a close cooperative relationship with overseas boarding high schools and accumulated a large number of successful student cases to help us provide more professional guidance services for more Chinese students.

With the goal of cultivating students’ international thinking and enhancing their soft power, we help students who aim at the world’s top universities to develop their ability and background earlier, and successfully meet the challenges of overseas study in the future.

Our learning attitude of advancing with the times keeps us at the forefront of China's high-end study abroad field. Compared with the study abroad institutions in the eyes of the public, Xinming Ruida's unique, professional and customized study abroad service purpose has made us more popular. Accepted by customers.

Advantages of studying in the U.S.

1. High educational background
2. Fairness in scholarships and bursaries
3. Family members can go to the U.S.
4. Many high-paying employment opportunities
5. Many work-study opportunities
6. Flexible and effective credit system
7. Multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communication

Advantages of studying in the UK

1. Diploma hard
2. Short school system
3. High cost performance
4. Loose admission requirements
5. Convenient access to European countries
6. Work legally
7. The society is stable and the environment is comfortable

Advantages of studying in Canada

1. Good environmental and social security
2. Low cost and part-time job
3. Easy work visa
4. Loose immigration policy
5. North American education system, high gold content
The economy is developed and there are many job opportunities

Advantages of studying in Australia & New Zealand

1. Apply for immigration fast
2. Good job prospects
3. Cultural diversity and social stability
4. Prestigious schools are rich in resources
5. Flexible visa policy
6. Short time difference and good living environment
7. High degree of recognition of academic qualifications
8. Family members can accompany you
9. Short school system, flexible to change schools/majors
10. The cost of studying abroad is low, and the guarantee funds are small

Advantages of studying in Southeast Asia:

1. Convenient application and simple visa
2. Distance advance, flexible round trip
3. Can apply for foreign students to settle down