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Shanghai Residence Transfer Application

3 common settlement methods

1. Residence transfer

The most routine settlement, the relative requirements are relatively high, and the time is 5-7 years.

2. International students settle in

It belongs to the fast settlement method, the time is relatively short, but it is relatively suitable for young people

3. Talent introduction

Talent introduction is also a relatively short-term settlement method, but the requirements for settled personnel are relatively high, generally talents working in high-tech enterprises

The benefits of settling in Shanghai

1. Buying a house in Shanghai

No need to wait for 5 years of social security

2. Children's education

Shanghai's high-quality education from primary school to university

3. Medical Insurance

High-quality social security medical benefits

4. Document handling

It is more convenient to accept passports, visas, driver's licenses, etc.

5. Moving with the whole family

When one person settles in Shanghai, the whole family can move with them

6. Start-up loan

Entrepreneurs can apply for loans to reduce financial pressure


Interpretation of the latest policy

Professional program guidance

Safe and secure

Transparent and Visible

Xinming understands personnel and understands the needs of entrepreneurs better

1. Rich industry experience

20+ years of industry experience, read countless companies, we will provide you with more successful case studies

2. Intimate service

Professional service butler docking, answering your questions in the first time, and escorting you on the road of entrepreneurship

3. Professional quality of personnel

Xinming's professional enterprise registration agents, accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, and human resource managers will give you professional advice. discussion

4. Security and privacy protection

Xinming respects every entrustment and signs a confidentiality agreement to make every customer feel at ease and at ease.

Four Steps to Entrepreneurship

The first step

Register a company, start with a free name verification

Second Step

Financial management, starting from financial outsourcing

Third Step

Recruiting, we are your HR

The Fourth Step

Legal consultation, all cases are solved