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Recruitment Service

Our company provides customers with comprehensive and professional talent recruitment outsourcing services through targeted recruitment methods and a wide range of recruitment channels according to the customer's corporate culture, business, organizational structure characteristics and job needs The process is separated, and through professional personnel management and standardized operation procedures, the customer's employment procedures are simplified and the cost of personnel management is reduced.

What are the benefits of recruiting outsourcing?

Lighten the burden of human resources

Improve the overall quality of candidates

Find the right talent more efficiently

Xinming Personnel Outsourcing Be the most effective HR in the enterprise

Has a huge talent database

Reduce recruitment costs for companies

Dedicated service to meet business needs

Xinming understands personnel and understands the needs of entrepreneurs better

1. Rich industry experience

20+ years of industry experience, read countless companies, we will provide you with more successful case studies

2. Intimate service

Professional service butler docking, answering your questions in the first time, and escorting you on the road of entrepreneurship

3. Professional quality of personnel


4. Security and privacy protection

Xinming respects every entrustment and signs a confidentiality agreement to make every customer feel at ease and at ease.

Four Steps to Entrepreneurship

The first step

Register a company, start with a free name verification

Second Step

Financial management, starting from financial outsourcing

Third Step

Recruiting, we are your HR

The Fourth Step

Legal consultation, all cases are solved