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Points Settled

I want to settle down, but the conditions are not met, what should I do?

Then try to apply for points settlement!

Fast, convenient and cost-effective


Children's education:

For pre-school education, the children of those who have reached the standard score can be admitted to public kindergartens with conditions.

In the compulsory education stage, in primary and junior high schools, non-Shanghai children who have accumulated 120 points can have the opportunity to enter high-quality public and private schools.

During the senior high school entrance examination, the children of those who have reached the standard score can take the senior high school entrance examination in Shanghai.

During the college entrance examination, the children of those who have reached the standard score can take the college entrance examination in Shanghai.

Housing Tax Exemption:

Hold a "Shanghai Residence Permit" and reach 120 points to buy a house and be exempt from personal housing property tax

If you have held the "Shanghai Residence Permit" for less than 3 years and do not reach 120 points, you need to pay the personal housing property tax first in accordance with the regulations, but you can wait until the residence permit is completed for 3 years or the points reach the standard points within 3 years, and the period of holding the certificate can be refunded. Personal housing property tax paid.

Other Advantages:

If the child has medical insurance in Shanghai, and the points reach 120 points, the child can purchase resident medical insurance in Shanghai, mainly by the school or the street.

For other benefits of applying for a Shanghai residence permit, you can enjoy other benefits such as taking a license plate, applying for a license, applying for public rental housing, and community services.

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