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Human Resources

We have professional human resource managers and talent intermediaries to provide enterprises with human resource planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management and appraisal, salary and welfare management, and labor relationship management. We aim to become the human resource management platform that knows you best, to make enterprise human resource management systematized and digitized, and to be the most intimate personnel assistant of the enterprise.

Social security payment:

Social security account opening, provident fund account opening, monthly withholding and payment, salary calculation, adjustment of personnel changes, and annual base adjustment.

Recruitment Service:

Xinming has a huge talent database. We have special personnel to screen resumes to help you find suitable talents more efficiently and reduce recruitment costs for enterprises.

Points settled:

If you want to settle down, but the conditions are not met, you can choose 120 points to settle down, which is fast, convenient and cost-effective. It is a good choice for children to receive education at home.

Settlement in Shanghai, transfer of residence:

Professionally provide services for fresh graduates settled, overseas students settled, Shanghai residency transfer, talent introduction, science and technology investment, settled with relocation and other services.