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Tax Planning

Under the premise of complying with national laws and tax regulations, help companies choose taxation plans that maximize tax benefits to handle their own production, operation, investment, and financial management, and help companies obtain the lightest tax burden, maximize after-tax profits, and maximize corporate value .

Why Businesses Need Tax Planning

1. It is beneficial to increase the disposable income of enterprises
2. It is beneficial for enterprises to obtain the benefits of tax deferral
3. It is beneficial for enterprises to make correct investment, production and operation decisions
4. It is beneficial for enterprises to reduce or avoid tax penalties
5. Conducive to the implementation of policies and regulations
6. Conducive to increasing fiscal revenue
7. It is beneficial to increase the country's foreign exchange income
8. Conducive to the development of tax agency industry

Which stages of the company need tax planning


At this stage, there are mainly the following four factors that lead to the risk of tax planning for SMEs


1. Rich industry experience

20+ years of industry experience, read countless companies, we will provide you with more successful case studies

2. Intimate service

Professional service butler docking, answering your questions in the first time, and escorting you on the road of entrepreneurship

3. Professional quality of personnel


4. Security and privacy protection

Xinming respects every entrustment and signs a confidentiality agreement to make every customer feel at ease and at ease.

Four Steps to Entrepreneurship

The first step

Register a company, start with a free name verification

Second Step

Financial management, starting from financial outsourcing

Third Step

Recruiting, we are your HR

The Fourth Step

Legal consultation, all cases are solved