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Export tax rebate

Export tax rebate is the act of refunding the product tax, value-added tax and special consumption tax actually paid in domestic production and circulation for export products. Export tax rebates enhance the competitiveness of domestic products in the international market and expand the country's export earnings. However, at the same time, the export tax rebate procedures are more rigorous and cumbersome. Our company has rich experience in handling export tax rebates and can provide you with full agency services.

Export tax rebate process

  1. Tax refund and tax filing
  2. Obtain tax refund qualification
  3. Go through customs formalities
  4. Supplier issues special invoice
  5. Association matching between export tax rebates and foreign trade documents
  6. Tax Return
  7. Examination Passed
  8. Funding to company account

Can your company apply for export tax rebate?

Why do you need a professional to file your taxes?


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