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20+ years of industry experience, the first step for you to start your dream

Five Problems in Registering a Company

Registered address

You don't have an office address yet, but you need to register a company first

Company Name

Hope the company name is atmospheric and catchy

Company Finance

The company has just started, and don't want to find professional finance

Company Size

Is it a registered small-scale or a general taxpayer?

Tax Incentives

Want to work with the most tax incentives and support

To register a company, what you must know

Company strength

Serve 10,000+ companies, focus on

Intimate service

Professional consultant team to escort you

No hidden consumption

You know every consumption


We caused registration failure, full refund

Registered company Xinming provides you with 20 years of professional experience

Free naming

Registering a company starts with a good name, with a new name, no need for you to rack your brains

Registered address

Xinming maintains good cooperative relations with major parks in Shanghai, and provides the best registered address and solutions according to the needs of enterprises

Bank account opening

Open a company bank account, enjoy VIP service, no need for address, no need for legal person to be present

Free engraving

Four chapters are sent for registration, official seal, legal person seal, financial seal, invoice seal and record

License security guaranteed

The license is collected by specialist, and the whole process is transported by SF Express, and the safety is guaranteed.

Professional lawyer support

A strong team of lawyers, enjoy 24/7 of lawyer services, escort your business

Personnel support

If the company wants to develop, it is indispensable to recruit talents. Xinming has a professional personnel team to recruit talents for you.



Financial Think Tank

Xinming has a professional financial team, all accountants and tax accountants provide you with financial and taxation support

The service you need, we will handle the whole process

Company name

Company seal

Registered address

set up an account

Tax rate approval


The type of company you need to registe

Small scale company registration

General taxpayer company registration

Free Trade Zone Company Registration

Partnership registration

Self-employed (approved) registration

Branch Registration

Group company registration

Foreign companies

Hong Kong and BVI companies

Hainan company registration

Group company registration


1. Rich industry experience

20+ years of industry experience, read countless companies, we will provide you with more successful case studies

2. Intimate service

Professional service butler docking, answering your questions in the first time, and escorting you on the road of entrepreneurship

3. Professional quality of personnel


4. Security and privacy protection

Xinming respects every entrustment and signs a confidentiality agreement to make every customer feel at ease and at ease.

Four Steps to Entrepreneurship


Register a company, start with a free name verification

Second Step

Financial management, starting from financial outsourcing

Third Step

Recruiting, we are your HR

The Fourth Step

Legal consultation, all cases are solved