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Hong Kong company registration

Register Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world's freest economy and an international financial center. Its comprehensive legal system, simple taxation system, and high-quality professionals have won the favor of investors from all over the world. Hong Kong is a stage full of business opportunities and a gateway to global trade, where tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have realized their dreams.

Advantages of registering a Hong Kong company

Sound legal system

International metropolis, easy access to international credit

Simple tax system, low tax rate

No foreign exchange control, free in and out of funds

No registered capital and basically unlimited business scope

Simple management, only need to declare once a year

Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Kong Registration

1. Can mainland residents register a Hong Kong company?

Answer: Yes. Hong Kong's company law does not impose any restrictions on the nationality of shareholders/directors.

2. Can the company name only be registered in Chinese or English?

A: Yes, if you want to open a bank account, you must register an English name.

3. When can a newly registered limited company check the relevant registration records at the Companies Registry?

A: It will be available within 6 working days from the registration date.

4. Is the debt liability of a limited company calculated on the basis of registration or issuance of shares?

Answer: The debt liability shall be assumed according to the issued shares, and the unissued shares shall not be borne.

5. Can the registered capital be increased after the company is registered?

Answer: Yes. And no stamp duty is required. After that, shares can be placed to new and existing shareholders as needed.

6. Can a non-Hong Kong resident become a shareholder and director of a Hong Kong limited company?

A: A Chinese resident or overseas person who is 18 years old or above, holding a passport or ID card can become a shareholder or director of a Hong Kong limited company.


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