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Company Registration


We have a large number of successful registration experiences and cases, understand the needs of companies, help companies obtain government venture funds, enjoy local financial support, and provide growth companies with group companies, joint stock company establishment and overseas company registration.

Registered Company

We can provide you with services such as professional naming, addressing, free seal engraving, license acquisition, bank account opening, tax opening and other services.

Company change

Changes in company information, including name, address, shareholders, business scope, registered capital, etc.

Company Cancellation

Simple and complex cancellation of various enterprises, including tax cancellation, industrial and commercial cancellation, bank cancellation, and various qualification cancellations


We provide the qualifications required by all kinds of enterprises, including: medical equipment, food, wine, construction, hazardous chemicals and other industries.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration is a prerequisite and condition for trademark users to obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark. Only approved trademarks are protected by law.

set up an account

After registering a company, you need to open a bank account for your company. Xinming maintains a good cooperative relationship with many banks, and can provide VIP account opening services, eliminating the need for queuing and the presence of legal persons.


Starting a business starts with a good name, Xinming can apply for a business name of your heart

Registered address

We understand the needs of enterprises and can help them obtain government start-up funds and enjoy local financial support

Hong Kong company registration

Hong Kong is the world's freest economy and an international financial center. Its complete legal system, simple tax system, low tax rate, complete infrastructure and communication facilities, and high-quality professionals have won the favor of investors from all over the world.