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Group Profile

Xinming Business Consultant

Mainly engaged in the registration, change, closure, annual inspection and other related business registration matters of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, and provide investment consulting and business consulting services in Shanghai, China for foreign-invested enterprises in China. The company has professional enterprise registration agent qualifications, and currently has several enterprise registration agents recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Professionalism is the guarantee of our service, and efficiency is the core of our service.

Xinming Huijian Financial Management Consultant

Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, it has an enterprise bookkeeping license. Mainly engaged in corporate finance and taxation consultants and SME bookkeeping services. The company currently has a high-quality financial team. All financial personnel have the professional title of accountant or above. The agency bookkeeping service system has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification.

The company has its own financial service brand "Xinming Huijian". Based on professional service spirit, rich practical experience and rigorous work style, the company builds the best financial management system and provides a full range of financial and tax services.

 Xinmingyuan Human Resources

Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Personnel, it has a talent agency license. Mainly engaged in talent intermediary and personnel agency business. At present, the company has professional talent intermediaries and intermediaries, which can provide enterprises with a full range of personnel policy consultation and agency services.

 Xinlu Mingdao Legal Consultation 

Mainly engaged in corporate legal consulting business. The consulting business covers the entire process of business development including equity, labor, debt, daily operations, etc., as well as corporate equity structure design and equity incentive design consulting involved in corporate development, escorting the development of the company!

 Xinming Ruida Education

Xinming Ruida International Education is committed to providing high-end study abroad services. We aim to cultivate students' international thinking and improve their soft power, and help students who aim to be the world's top students to develop their ability and background early, and successfully meet the challenges of overseas study.

Compared with the study abroad institutions in the eyes of the public, Xinming Ruida's unique, professional, and customized study abroad service purpose has made us accepted by more customers.

Group Purpose

Great road to reach, service to win! Since its establishment, Xinming has always been committed to providing comprehensive services for small and medium-sized enterprises with its good government background and customer resources. It has successfully served more than tens of thousands of customers. The success and development of customers is the success and development of Xinming! On the road of enterprise development, we always move forward side by side with our customers!

Dedicated service, Xinming will always think more for you! Professional and dedicated, Xinming will always be your choice for business success!

Our service is not limited to this, we hope to do more for you...

Company Culture

Xinming Vision

Career stage for employee growth
The trustworthy corporate steward of users

Xinming Mission


Xinming Culture

Reliable and support each other
Enhance self, communion and co-advance

Company's Main Business

Company Registration

We have a large number of successful registration experiences and cases

Financial Outsourcing

Have more than 20 years of industry experience and a professional team

Human Resources

Have professional human resource managers and talent intermediaries

Legal Advice

A professional team of lawyers will provide escort for the development of the company

International Education

Committed to providing high-end elite study abroad services and guidance services